Best Course to Study in USA for Indian Students After 12th

Published by JobDekho247 | 28th January 2023

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Engineering Engineering is a broad field that consists of various streams such as Civil, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Chemical, etc. If a student has a keen interest in technology then he should pursue Engineering in the USA.

Computer Science It is one of the most popular fields for Indian students in the USA. This covers topics such as data structures, programming, software development, AI, etc.

Business Management Business Management is the best course to pursue in the US if a student has an interest in the field of finance, marketing, or start-ups.

Natural Sciences This is the best course for students who are interested in the natural world. Thus the stream consists of Physics, Chemistry, Earth sciences, etc.

Medical Courses in the Medical field are a highly competitive but stable field to pursue in the US.

Economics This course is suitable for students who want to know how economics works and want to pursue a career in banking, finance, or government.

Political Science If you are interested in understanding how politics, international relations, and government works then you should choose this course.